MPAC is a group of local artists with the intent of promoting collaboration, inclusiveness, knowledge sharing, and moving the Memphis performing arts community forward. We love our city, and believe the community of artists in Memphis is one of its most valuable assets.

Memphis has the chance to join progressive cities like New York, Chicago, and Austin to become a performing arts community doing the right thing. We aim to grit and grind as the best of ensembles do: Together.

Recent important conversations about the #metoo movement and racial equity have a common thread: a belief that we could do better if we had the proper tools.

We want to:

  • Harness this energy into a space of solidarity, healing, and action;
  • Change the mindset of “I just thought this is how things go” and “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to lose future work”;
  • Provide the community with tools to help address challenges and foster safe creative spaces where artists feel supported and empowered; and
  • Most importantly, lead by example for the thousands of young people in our city who participate in performing arts training every year. This next generation of Memphis artists deserves to create in an environment free from harassment, oppression, bullying, and gatekeeping.

MPAC’s first project will be the FairPlay Initiative, creating a community-wide Code of Ethics with suggested best practices for everyone who has a hand in local performing arts. We would like to create this document together, as a community, and offer it to anyone who wants it. We need your help to make this happen.


MPAC community-wide survey: We will reach as many members of the performing arts community as possible, with a survey to address needs and questions. We want to get this survey to the big theatres and the small studios, the liturgical theatres and educational theatres. The survey will help us assess community needs and determine where to direct our effort.

Funding Campaign for Facilitator: We are raising funds to hire Kaisha Johnson from Women of Color In The Arts for a Community Weekend of Action. Kaisha will facilitate an equity training and guide our community’s creation of the FairPlay Initiative. Kaisha is a nationally recognized leader in the performing arts field.

It is vital that this come from the community, and we hope that through the survey and some creative use of resources, we can build a weekend that engages the whole Memphis ensemble. We know it, we preach it, we teach it: The ENSEMBLE is the backbone.